Accidental Death3and Accidental Disability4Cover


Daily Hospital Cash Benefit5


Guaranteed Cashback Benefit2


Automatic Renewal1


Hassle-free Application


Choice of 2 Plan Types


Affordable Financial Protection for Death1, Terminal Illness2 and Total and Permanent Disability3


Guaranteed and Level Premium Rates4


Choice of 3 Policy Terms


Add our riders to your basic plan for greater peace of mind


Financial Protection against Death1, Total and Permanent Disability2and Terminal Illness3


Non-guaranteed Bonuses4


Choice of Limited Premium Payment Term: 5, 10, 15, 20 or 25 years5


Guaranteed and Level Premium Rates


Add our riders to your basic plan for greater peace of mind


Daily Hospital Cash Benefit1,2,3


Receive lump sum recovery payment4,5


Automatic Yearly Renewable


Choose the plan that suits your needs


Coverage on cancer of all stages and death up to 100 years old


No Claim Discount


Guaranteed renewable4


Simple and easy application


Flexibility 6 in Your Protection


Protection against Death, Total and Permanent Disability, Terminal Illness and Critical Illness


Non-Guaranteed Bonus7


Choice of Premium Payment Term


Guaranteed and Level Premium Rates*


Unemployment Support Benefit8


Option to Purchase Additional Coverage9


Option to receive Yearly Retirement Benefits


Accidental Death3, Major and Other Permanent Disablement Benefit4


Daily Hospital Cash Benefit


Medical Expense Reimbursement


Double/Triple Indemnity Benefit5


Flexible Choices of Plan Types6


Covers Death1, Terminal Illness2and Total and Permanent Disability3


Long period coverage with guaranteed premiums


Terminal cancer benefit4


Option to Purchase Additional Insurance5


Conversion privilege6


Be protected against cancers of all stages2


Receive a lump sum benefit upon death3


A variety of choiced plan types at your disposal!


Simplified procedure for your ease of application!


Provide coverage for both your cardiovascular2 and neurological systems2, including conditions that are not yet known today!


Critical Illness (CI) Benefit3


Death Benefit4


Choice of Sum Insured


Guaranteed Renewable


Simple and Easy Application

1_Early Payout.png

Early Payouts for 104 Multi-Stage Critical Illness Conditions1

2_Additional Payouts.png

Additional Payouts for 35 Special Conditions2

3_Death Protection.png

Protection against Death3, Total and Permanent Disability4, Terminal Illness5

4_4x coverage.png

Up to 4x coverage and flexibility in your protection6

5_Early Retirement.png

Option to receive Yearly Retirement Benefits7

6_Additional Coverage.png

Option to Purchase Additional Coverage8

7_Premium Payment.png

Choice of premium payment terms