Lin Xiangyang

Chief Executive

Mr Lin Xiangyang is the Chief Executive of China Life Insurance Singapore and was seconded from China Life Insurance (Group) Company (“China Life”). He graduated with a Bachelor of Economics from Wuhan University and has also served as an academic mentor to the postgraduate students of Wuhan University.

Mr Lin is an industry veteran with over 30 years of distinguished life insurance experience. Prior to this appointment, Mr Lin was the Deputy General Manager of China Life Insurance Company Limited (Fujian Branch) since November 2011 and has helmed various key appointments such as Assistant General Manager (Agency Department) at China Life Insurance Company Limited and Sales Director of the company’s Fujian Branch. He has acquired a wealth of experience at China Life, a Fortune Global 500 life insurance company where he worked across several core functions such as business strategy and planning, sales force and agency management, group insurance as well as channel management. His management experience and skills were further harnessed and sharpened as he was one of the key personnel to develop and evaluate the management framework at China Life Insurance Company Limited. He also has extensive experience in formulating business strategies and business development models, acquiring and developing new distribution partnerships to accelerate business growth as well as in managing a large agency force.

Mr Lin has won several acclaimed awards such as the Excellent Management Award (Personal Insurance Channel) which is a mark of recognition for his valuable work contributions. He is also one of the handpicked key talents in an esteemed talent management programme within the insurance industry in China that distinguishes marketing management talents.

Gao Feng

Deputy Chief Executive

Mr. Gao Feng was seconded from China Life Insurance (Group) Company ("China Life") as the Deputy Chief Executive of China Life Insurance Singapore, who oversees the three major distribution channels.

Mr. Gao graduated with a Bachelor of Economics from Nanjing University and has the titles of intermediate economist.

Mr. Gao has 19 years of experience in life insurance management with strong knowledge of the company’s operation at all levels from headquarters to subsidiaries/branches. His broad experience include years of service managing processes and have served and supported 1.5 million agents. With outstanding strategic vision, he participated in and led several large-scale strategic projects of headquarters, including but not limited to project design, development plan, system design, and establishment. Mr. Gao has won several awards given by China Life.

Kevin Cai Wei

Chief Actuary

An actuarial veteran with over 21 years of insurance industry experience, Kevin is the Chief Actuary of China Life Insurance Singapore and is approved by the Monetary Authority of Singapore as the company’s Appointed Actuary. He oversees Actuarial Valuation, Reinsurance, Capital Management, Product and Pricing.

Kevin is a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries of U.S.A, a Chartered Enterprise Risk Analyst, as well as a Fellow of the Singapore Actuarial Society. He holds a Master’s degree from the National University of Singapore.

Chen Ee Fang

Chief Investment Officer

Mr. Chen is the Chief Investment Officer of China Life Insurance Singapore, and he is responsible for overseeing the company’s investment management, establishing and enhancing investment governance framework and process, leading the company to increase its investment capability and standard.

Mr. Chen has extensive experience in consulting and developing investment solutions with institutions and distribution channels across Asian markets spanning sovereign funds, pension schemes, insurance firms, family offices, private banks, wealth managers and investment consultants.

He holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from the National University of Singapore.